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Decision maker

92 percent of our readers are the sole or main decision-makers in the household when it comes to financial matters


61 percent of our readers have a monthly net income of 3,000 euros or more


89 percent of our readers are primarily interested in equities; this is followed by ETFs, savings plans, dividends & funds

People trust brands

Brands work best in a trusted environment with other well-known brands. As soon as your brand appears on an independent financial portal like or, readers' attention increases. Brands can increase this attention through target group-oriented content (target group marketing).

As a result, the brand not only gains attention, but also trust.

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Financial topics

We have more than 5 million visits per year from traders, investors & investors who inform themselves on our financial pages about topics such as stocks, dividends, day trading, brokerage, digital asset management & robo advisors, retirement planning, financial knowledge, CFDs, forex, commodities, certificates, ETFs (increasing strongly every year - almost at the level of stocks), interest rates, loans, capital investment, insider trading, taxes, real estate, insurance, interest rates, options and futures.

Every Sunday we send the Finanzinfos am Wochenende newsletter to 155,000 loyal and satisfied readers.

Interest in cryptocurrencies has stabilized at 23%.


Risk profile



Visitors to our financial websites have a high affinity for technology, are educated above average, have high net household incomes and describe themselves as the primary financial decision-makers in the household.

Mainly our visitors are men, but the percentage of women is increasing in recent years.


Trading experience


Household net


Age structure


Gender distribution


Target group

We use the latest ad serving technologies on our financial portals. This ensures that your messages reach the target group without wastage - and users automatically receive the information they are interested in. is the largest brokerage portal in the German-speaking world. Currently, 155,000 traders and investors read our various financial newsletters every week. Broker-Test has around 3 million visitors per year who inform themselves about trading and brokerage.



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